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5 Wicketkeepers with most Catches in IPL

The spirit of the game, the quality of the teams and management, and the glamour associated with the IPL have won the hearts of billions. The IPL has always had a wow factor when it comes to batting and bowling. When we consider the Indian Premier League, there is another …

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Top 5 all-rounders in the history of IPL

Cricket is a game that necessitates proficiency in all three areas of the game: batting, bowling, and fielding. While some people excel at hitting with the bat, others choose to learn how to bowl. Only a few people, though, are equally adept at these qualities as well as athleticism on …

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6 players who can play their last IPL this year

Every season of the Indian Premier League sees at least a few cricketers hang up their boots. For a few players, IPL 2021 will most likely be their final season. The tournament’s second phase will begin on September 19th in Dubai. Franchisees will be trying to create long-term squads with …

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7 weird superstitions of popular IPL players

Cricketers have a reputation for being superstitious. They have some very specific superstitions that they believe help them win matches as if their bat and ball skills aren’t enough. . They, too, value success and lament failures. Almost every sportsperson employs some kind of superstition at some point throughout their …

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Best playing XI in IPL 2021 made of left handers

Left-handers are essential to the formation of teams in all formats of cricket. Because there are considerably more right-handed players than left-handed players, both now and in the past, bowlers aren’t as used to bowling to southpaws as batsmen are to facing left-handed bowlers. We’re only a month away from …

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5 Longest sixes in IPL history

Since its debut in 2008, the Indian Premier League has grown to become one of cricket’s largest and most prestigious events. It combines thrills, drama, suspense, and entertainment into a single package that only lasts around four hours. It has been one of the most important events for young, talented …

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