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7 weird superstitions of popular IPL players

Cricketers have a reputation for being superstitious. They have some very specific superstitions that they believe help them win matches as if their bat and ball skills aren’t enough. . They, too, value success and lament failures. Almost every sportsperson employs some kind of superstition at some point throughout their career, and cricketers are no exception. Certain athletes have pursued a certain thing throughout their brilliant careers in the hopes that it will keep them going no matter what.

Since the days of superstitions and myths, the contemporary world has come a long way. However, superstitions still remain in the hearts of the vast majority of people in the modern world. Cricketers aren’t immune to this.

There have been reports of a lot of cricketers being extremely superstitious about little or important things. In this article, we look st 7 weird superstitions of popular IPL players

1. Sachin Tendulkar and his left pad first charm

Even with all of his abilities and accomplishments, the ‘God of Cricket’ believed in superstitions. Master Blaster believes that putting on his left pad first will bring him good fortune. He also had his fortunate bat fixed in time for the 2011 World Cup, which he had always hoped to win. Not just Sachin, but even his wife, Anjali, believed in superstitions. As long as Sachin batted, she would sit in the same place in the room. The entire country held its breath and marveled at the champion batsman’s talent when he was in the middle.

2. Yuvraj Singh and his birthday number

The bravest player in the game, who is recognized for his strong heart, is also known to have certain superstitions. Yuvraj Singh’s birthday is December 12th, and he considers it to be his lucky number. He also wears a kalava around his wrist, which is a black thread.

3. Gautam Gambhir’s Pads-On Strategy

This is one of the cricketer’s most amusing superstitions. After getting out early in his IPL innings, Gautam Gambhir never opened his pads again. He believes his team has never lost a game when he wears his pads all the way to the end.

4. Zaheer Khan’s handkerchief

During every crucial match, the left-arm Indian pacer made it a point to carry a lucky yellow handkerchief. He has performed some incredible spells for India and has also had a successful career. It could be all because of that handkerchief!

5. Lasith Malinga kisses the ball before bowling every ball

With the ball in hand, Lasith Malinga has been Sri Lanka’s greatest match-winner. We’ve noticed Lasith Malinga’s oddities over the years, such as his curly hair, scampered run-up, and uncanny slinging action. Malinga also employs a rather unusual superstition. Every time he runs up to bowl a delivery, he kisses the ball. He thinks a gentle puff on the ball will bring him good luck. Malinga’s career was marred by numerous injuries, so he retired from test cricket in 2010, but not before taking 101 wickets.

6. Sehwag’s Numberless Superstition

Every cricketer appears to have some superstitions about their jersey number. Virender Sehwag is a one-of-a-kind player. He believes it is unlucky for him to wear a jersey with numbers on it. He regards it as a stroke of luck.

7. Chris Gayle’s Mid-way Stance

Some superstitions are followed by the Jamaican colossus. As you may have noticed, before stepping into his crease to bat, he practices some of his favorite shots, including the pull shot, in the center of the 22-yard pitch. He thinks it’s fortunate for him.


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