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5 richest players in current Indian T20 squad

We are all aware of the popularity of cricket. The sport is worshipped like a religion and the players who play it are treated like demi-gods. The competition to make it to the national team is so cutthroat that a lot of youngsters spend their entire childhood and early life just playing cricket and honing their skills. However, once you break into the scene there is no stopping you.

The game has an enormous amount of public appreciation and media spotlight. Every player is constantly under the scanner. Cricket also attracts the biggest brands and multi-million dollar sponsorships. Therefore, today most of the big Indian players are very well off. They live a life of opulence, live in palatial homes, and drive swanky cars. Most players have huge endorsement deals and a few of them have invested in upcoming businesses and start-ups as well.

With the advent of IPL, the remuneration for cricketers is mind-boggling. It has democratized cricket for thousands of players and not just international players. Today uncapped players from underprivileged backgrounds also have avenues to take home multi-crore contracts. The corporatization of the game has brought in plenty of capital which has allowed huge paychecks for youngsters with talent.

Currently, the Indian team is playing in the ICC T20 world cup and most of them have today attained the status of superstars. They are all centrally contracted with the BCCI, have mega IPL contracts, and are brand ambassadors of a few of the biggest brands. With so much money coming in, we look at the top 5 richest players in the current T20 team.

1. Virat Kohli

This was a bit obvious name. he is today one of the biggest brands in the country and would probably bigger than most A-list Bollywood stars. He is in the A+ BCCI central contract and gets INR 7 crores. Additionally, he makes INR 17 crores from the IPL contract by playing for Royal Challenger Bangalore. He is the ambassador of uncountable brands such s Manyavar, MRF Tyres among others. He has his own clothing and textile line “Wrogn”. As per reports, Kohli’s net worth is estimated at INR 638 crores which puts him in a league of his own.

2. Rohit Sharma

He would be a close second on this list. They make big runs on the field and big bugs off it. He is in the A+ BCCI central contract and gets INR 7 crores. Additionally, he makes INR 15 crores from the IPL contract by playing for Mumbai Indians. As per reports his net worth is approximately INR 170 crore after including his businesses and endorsements.

3. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravi Ashwin was a surprise pick in the world cup squad and very few thought he would be picked ahead of Yuzi Chahal. He may be a late pick in the squad but he is at the top of this list with an overall net worth of INR 112 crores. He played for many years in the CSK. However, today at Delhi Capitals he earns a fee of INR 7.6 crores. He is in the A BCCI central contract and gets INR 5 crores.

4. Ravindra Jadeja

Jaddu is a superstar both on and off the field. In the last two years, his game has undergone a sea change and he is one of the most improved cricketers. His consistent performance was rewarded with an A category BCCI contract which provides him INR 5 crores annually. He also makes INR 7 crores by playing for CSK. Additionally, the Jamnagar boy has his own chain of restaurants in his hometown. His net worth is INR 74.8 cores.

5. Hardik Pandya

A major catalyst in the world cup squad, Pandya is 5th on this list. He was picked up by Mumbai Indians for INR 10 lakhs when he started playing but today makes INR 11 crores from playing for Mumbai Indians in the IPL. He is centrally contracted with the BCCI for INR 3 crores. He is known for his lavish lifestyle with swanky cars, luxury cars, and clothes, and a phenomenal house. His total net worth according to reports is INR 29.9 crores.

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