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5 reasons why Rajasthan Royals should not retain Sanju Samson

When Rajasthan Royals chose to release captain Steve Smith before the IPL auction, many expected Ben Stokes or Jos Buttler to take over as the team’s new leader. Despite the fact that their new captain was selected within an hour, everyone was taken aback when Sanju Samson was tipped to succeed the Aussie as captain.

Samson’s dismal run in international cricket continued in the most recent T20I series against Sri Lanka when he returned with scores of 27, 7, and 0 in three matches, and with so much competition in the side, he failed to seize his chances. He’s having trouble with the bat even in the IPL. If Samson isn’t retained at the next auction, it won’t be shocking.

  1. Poor form

Samson’s batting has been inconsistent for a long time. In the international games versus Sri Lanka, he struggled. In the IPL, he was equally underwhelming. Many supporters speculated that his international career was gone, while others speculated that his inconsistency had harmed him repeatedly, costing him his spot.

  1. Failure as a captain

The Rajasthan Royals have not had a decent game since the start of the season, with the squad playing poorly on both the batting and bowling fronts. One of the issues that appear to be contributing to the squad’s poor performance is the captain’s inability to make the correct judgments while still delivering for the team as a whole. Fans and analysts have observed terrible captaincy from Samson, who has been unable to make timely choices.

  1. Inconsistency

Sanju Samson’s story has always been the same, as the player fades away after a fantastic start in the IPL 2021. He’s failed to maintain consistency in his performances and was a victim of the notorious soft dismissal. Legendary cricketers like Gautam Gambhir and Sunil Gavaskar have recently criticized Samson for his inconsistency with the bat.

  1. Rajasthan Royals need a new star

A lot of fans and experts think that Rajasthan Royals need a new Indian talisman. They have some interesting young players like Rahul Tewatia and Riyan Parag but they are not enough. Their leader Samson is struggling with consistency and poor decision making. They need a star who is reliable and can change games on his own. Rajasthan Royals need match winners and unfortunately, Sanju Samson isn’t one.

  1. Can’t handle pressure

It is quite evident that Sanju Samson can’t handle pressure. He has failed with the bat on big occasions for the national side and in the IPL. He has been inconsistent throughout his career. As a captain, his decision-making has been poor many times which has cost his team. His game plans have been questionable and many cricket experts have criticized him for it. Samson needs to get his head in the captaincy game as soon as possible to rescue Rajasthan Royals from drowning in the well of losses.

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